Christian Ahlmann & Aragon Z

Christian Ahlmann and Arazon Z win Championat of Leipzig

Chrisitan Ahlmann and Leipzig have a special relationship. He was able to win the Grand Prix there three times already, in 2011 he even won the World Cup Finals there. Furthermore, he has already won the Championship of Leipzig earlier, and was able to repeat that success this year with Aragon Z. “At some tournaments everything just works, and that has repeatedly been true for Leipzig, where I was able to celebrate my greatest success,” Ahlmann said after his victory. “It’s even more true if one fails a distance, the horse pushes it through despite that mistake and when that still means the victory,” the show-jumper examined critically about his own performance. Second place went to Irish Denis Lynch with Abbervail van het Dingeshof. “Every dog has his day,” joked the Irish man who is based in Eschweiler, “Christian could have stopped today and I would not have been faster than he was…”
Philipp Weishaupt aus Riesenbeck, who also was clear in the jump-off with the tall horse Chico, secured third place. “Actually, Chico is a horse better suited for the competitions outdoors due to his size; however, it is super when he performs that well indoors,” the born Bavarian said, noticeably pleased about his tall horse.