Isabell Werth & Weihegold OLD

CHIO Aachen: Isabell Werth Cries Emotional Tears

Isabell Werth had teary eyes after her Grand Prix at the Nations Cup in Aachen. Weihegold OLD and¬†the multiple Olympic winner¬†achieved a new personal best with a result far above their previous one. 83,271 percent speak for itself! “Aachen is a special place for me, so I’m far more composed after such a round,” Werth said. “Weihegold is now more experienced and I can risk more and more. Everything worked smoothly. In the beginning I wanted to concentrate on a performance without mistakes and did not want to scare her. However, having a look at the last centre line it was outstanding.”
For Werth the goal for the team in Rio is clear: “This team’s goal must be gold. We’re well equipped.” Werth understands why most of the strong foreigners are missing from Aachen this year: “Part of it is tactics, but we also have a compressed season ahead of Rio. The Swedish just had their Nations Cup in Falsterbo, the Dutch theirs in Rotterdam, additionally they have their national Championship this weekend. And the English had their sighting last week in Hartpury. But we know that the others are a force to be reckoned with.”
Monica Theodorescu, German national coach, was also content: “That was really really good. It’s not a surprise since horse and jockey are good. That’s how dressage should look like!”