Sönke Rothenberger & Cosmo

CHIO Aachen: Explosive Cosmo

Everyone was excited to see Sönke Rothenberger and 9-year-old Cosmo in their first performance in a Nations Cup. The excitement also showed in the performance. When the time for the two-times flying changes on the diagonal the Van Gogh Son overreacted to Sönkenberger’s leg and the lecture became a total failure, which was only rewarded ones and twos by the judges. Non of the flying changes worked. The subsequent zigzag half pass also was a failure. These were costly mistakes, but though to beaming highlights in the performance, especially in the piaffe passage tour, the pair still was rewarded with 75,600 percent. “The horse rarely was in such a good mood,” the rider said later. “The first tour until the gallop never worked so well before and that’s where we want to get. But on the diagonal line he was too explosive and reacted too much to my left leg. Before that I was content with our communication. However, we’re in Aachen, we don’t want to show a boring performance. We can do that but we don’t want to. I thought I would have to give him an energetic impulse, which apparently was too much. Right now we’re still experimenting a little, but it certainly is a pity and I’m a little bit disappointed.”
Rothenberger performed for the first time with a top hat, an unexpected picture. “But it didn’t fall off,” the youngest rider of the team said and laughed. The Hesse explained that his team colleagues and his team leader wanted him to wear the top hat.
German national coach Monica Theodorescu did not draw conclusions for Rio from the mishappening in the Grand Prix – the Special also counts towards the Nations Cup- but she also said: “We won’t ignore it. But as yet it was one single slip. Cosmo is a young horse and he showed that today.” About Hubertus Schmidt’s performance in yesterday´’s CDI Grand Prix she said: “It was an expressive and stable performance with a strong gallop tour and the trot has also improved.”