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Ich bin dann mal WEG: Great Conditions in a Big Construction Site

After two days in slight holiday mode, for us now the experience World Equestrian Games begin. While we were not yet allowed to enter the Tryon International Equestrian Center, we were able to pick up our accreditation today and currently we are based in a makeshift press centre. Makeshift? Yes, the big press centre is […]

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Mark Bellissimo Apologises to the Grooms

The CEO of the Tryon International Equestrian Center, Mark Bellissimo, issued a statement in which he confessed of having made an error. This error were the accommodations for the grooms at the WEG. Just some of them can sleep at the location, many others have to stay in hotels far away from the location. This […]

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Ich binn dann mal WEG: When Will We Return Home?

Ok, now I have been in North Carolina – and we’re living in South Carolina- for some hours and I ask myself: When will we return home? I don’t know if it is my advancing age  (ok, some would laugh about that, but I already visited more than only one championship) or if the pain […]

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Hunter Harrison of the Double H Farm Has Died

Hunter Harrison, one of the big supporters of the equestrian sport, has died on Saturday at age 73, so dressage-news.com reported. Hunter Harrison was president of CSX, one of the biggest railway companies in the wold. He was the owner of the well-known Double H Farm, who provides McLain Ward with horses – and he […]

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FEI Looking for New Location for WEG 2022 – Samorin Cancels

Year after year, so it seams, the hosts of the World Equestrian Games withdraw their applications. Almost always the high costs are the reason for the withdrawal. Now Samorin has declined to host the 2022 WEG. Ingmar De Vos, FEI president, said during the general assembly in Montevideothat the organisers h ad decided not to sign […]

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Carl Hester

Investigation: British Equestrian Federation Accused of Bullying and Corruption

On October, 13th the British Equestrian Federation has announced that an independent review will take place due to allegations of bullying, elitism and corruption. On July, 13th Clare Salmon announced her resignation as CEO. In her resignation letter she raised serious concern about the culture, governance and interaction of some of the member bodies. Joanne […]

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Locker drauf: Matthias Rath und Totilas
- Alle Fotos: Frieler/Gardemann

Totilas NOT to be Presented at French Stallion Show

The news that KWPN stallion Totilas was to be presented at a stallion show in Saint-Lo, Normandy, has become widespread this week. Now Paul Schockemöhle, owner of the horse, has stepped up and told the SID that it had never been planned to show the horse there. Apparently one of Schockemöhle’s employees had talked to […]

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Kentucky Withdraws Bid for 2022 WEG – Will Samorin Make the Race?

There has been a surprising development concerning the applications for the 2022 World Equestrian Games: Samorin and Kentucky both had applied to be hosts of the event and as yet everybody thought that the U.S would be pleased to host the event a second time. But n ow the Kentucky Horse Park Commission voted against […]

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FEI announces Candidate Cities for FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2022

Two cities have been announced as Official Candidates to host the FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2022. Lexington, Kentucky (USA) and Samorin (SVK) have both been selected as potential hosts for the FEI flagship in six years’ time. “We are very happy to have two such strong official candidates for the FEI World Equestrian Games in 2022”, […]

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No Olympic Games on ARD and ZDF

For the public TV channels this must feel like a slap in the face: ARD and ZDF will have no live broadcast of the 2020 Olympic Games. Last year the US company Discovery unexpectedly saved the broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games from 2018 to 2024. Discovery and the publich TV channels were not able […]

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