Ingrid Klimke & Horseware Hale Bob

Ingrid Klimke and Hale Bob Best German Pair After Dressage

Before the cross country nothing has changed in the top places of the eventing competition in Rio: British William Fox-Pitt is in the lead with DSP stallion Chilli Morning and 37,0 points ahead of Australian Christopher Burton with Sandro Hit son Santano II and 37,6 points. A surprise in rank three is French Mathieu Lemoine […]

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Julia Krajewski & Samourai du Thot

Julia Krajewski: “More Samba than Quiet Dressage”

Third German rider Julia Krajewski and Samourai du Thot have finished dressage with 44,8 points, a decent championship debut. “I wanted to stay under 45 points, under 40 points would have been a dream,” so Andreas Ostholt’s successor said.  In the beginning the pair made a small mistake, two changes came after the driving leg […]

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William Fox-Pitt & Chilli Morning

Britain’s William Fox-Pitt leads after day one in Olympic Eventing in Rio

It’s not everyone’s idea of the perfect rehab for a serious head injury, but Britain’s William Fox-Pitt defied all the odds to take the early lead as Olympic Eventing got underway at the Deodoro Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro (BRA) today. Riding the 16-year-old stallion, Chilli Morning, the man who spent two weeks in […]

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Michael Jung & Sam

Annoying Mistake for Michael Jung: Third place

Similar to Sandra Auffarth second German rider Michael Jung fared in the dressage part. He had a great feeling with Sam but he left the arena with a costly mistake: “We had a short Misunderstanding,” the title defender commented. “But it was only a little disaster.” The Wurttemberger gelding thought too early that now a […]

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Só Alegria: About Morning Rolls, Gunshots, and Flooded Toilets

Now, after having lived in our apartments in Rio for some days, everybody know how to deal with a boiler (who knows where we might need that knowledge again). The warm water works. Many have even almost boiled themselves under the shower. However, there is a new insight: it’s not possible for two people to […]

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Vincenco Truppa

Enzo Truppa Not Allowed to Coach His Daughter

Enzo Truppa will not be allowed to coach his daughter Valentina during the Olympic Games in Rio. After he had sold Eremo del Cestegno before the Olympic Games, therefore breaching his contract with the equestrian federation, he had to pay a 10,000 Euro  fine and  was banned from all official functions for four months. Enzo Truppa had […]

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New Zealand Eventing Team Also Needs Reserve Rider

Not only the German but also the New Zealand eventing team had a change in their team – however, in case of New Zealand the decision was taken by the rider. Last week Jonathan Paget’s Clifton Lush had sustained a cut, that only became noticeable overnight, so the national federation announced. The cut was sown […]

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Andreas Ostholt

Big Disappointment for Andreas Ostholt: “One feels very lonely”

Andreas Ostholt already knew since Sunday evening what has been announced this morning: he will not compete in Rio. “Soey” (So is et) had lost a horseshoe just before the training camp in Bonn and when he arrived at the camp the Westphalian was slightly lame. However, some hours later under the saddle nothing could […]

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Andreas Ostholt & So is et

Breaking News : Julia Krajewski Competes Instead of Andreas Ostholt

All eventing horses have passed the vet check but then we got the news: Julia Krajewski will compete instead of Andreas Ostholt. So is et lost a horse shoe during the training camp in Bonn and since then has been showing irregular movements from time to time, so national coach Hans Melzer said. However, over […]

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All five Russian equestrian athletes cleared to compete at Rio 2016

The FEI has today received confirmation from the IOC that all five Russian equestrian athletes have been cleared to compete at the Olympic Games in Rio. The news comes following a detailed submission by the FEI, including confirmation that all five had no previous anti-doping rule violations. The five Russian equestrian athletes that are now […]

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