Cassio Rivetti Turns his Back on the Ukraine and Returns to Brazil Nationality

It’s a comeback of many: still Ukrainian Cassio Rivetti will go back to his roots and compete under Brazilian Flag again. For eight seasons he competed for Alexander Onischenko’s Ukrainian team. “I’m very happy and excited with this new chapter in my life,” so Rivetti said.
The show jumper who was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and who lives in Belgium was invited to join Onischenko’s team in 2007 and adopted Ukrainian citizenship. Since then he has participated at many championships, the last were the Olympic Games in the country where he was born. “It was definitively a great experience,” Rivetti said and thanked Onischenko and his former team colleagues for these eight years.
Currently the future of the team is still unclear. Onischenko is a suspect in a corruption scandal and could face jail. Most of his horses are now owned by Paul Schockemöhle. Onischenko himself was not allowed by the Ukrainian sports federation to participated in Rio.