Kristina Bröring-Sprehe & Desperados

Bröring-Sprehe Increases Distance for the Germans

It looked really good: as yet Kristina Bröring-Sprehe and Hanoverian stallion Desperados by De Niro/Wolkenstein II were the

most outstanding pair.  They lead the competition with 82,257 percent ahead of their team colleagues Dorothee Schneider with Showtime and US American Steffen Peters with Legolas (77,614 percent). The stallion was not in perfect compact position during the first salute, they made a mistake in the zigzag half pass and in the piaffes the stallion was a little bit too fresh — but the overall impression of the pair was fantastic. “For the first day he was really concentrated,” so the third German rider said. “But I hope that we’ll leave the arena without mistakes tomorrow.”

Despi still was a little bit nervous when he entered the arena, but “when we were inside it went really well,” so Bröring-Sprehe said. The 29-year-old rider didn’t want to make a prediction concerning the team, but she said: “I think our chances are quite good. And I’m sure Isabell will perform really well later. Tomorrow we’ll see if it is enough.”

National coach Monica Theodorescu was really content and made a positive preliminary appraisal: “Sönke rode a very strong Grand Praix. It was his best gallop tour in a Grand Prix yet. And Showtime had his best Grand Prix ever. He’s getting more and more relaxed. It was already a very sovereign performance, there was not even once a moment of shock. He used to have them, but he’s not a scaredy-cat any more. Already 80 percent in the first Olympic Grand Prix -that made us very happy. Ok, and Tina was simply sensational. Despi usually is a little bit testy in the first competition, but it was outstanding. We came here well prepared and it simply flows.”

The current intermediate ranking looks like follows: Germany leads the competition with 80,190 percent ahead of the Netherlands with 75,586 percent and the USA with 75,176 percent.

British Carl Hester was not able to show his best with KWPN gelding Nip Tuck by Don Ruto, therefore the British are currently only in fourth place. This should change after Charlotte Dujardin’s ride. Nip Tuck was scared by a flower just before the walk and this affected the walk. Carl Hester said: “I think he needs glasses – can someone invent them for horses, please?”