Roger-Yves Bost & Sangria du Coty

French Team for WEG without Roger-Yves Bost

Philippe Guerdat, coach of the French show-jumpers, does not have an easy job these days. Two months ago, Patrice Delaveau’s top horse Aquila HDC sustained an injury which ruled the pair out for the WEG in Tryon. Last week, Simon Delestre had to announce that he could not attend because his top horse Hermès Ryan Hayettes is afraid of flights and now Roger-Yves Bost also announced he could not compete in Tryon. His mare Sangria of Coty was injured at the CSIO Rome in late May. Together with the owner, co-owner SARL Equiblue and the federation it was decided that the horse will get a longer break. The mare therefore will neither be competed at the CSIO Dublin in two weeks nor at the World Equestrian Games.