Greg Broderick & MHS Going Global

Athina Onassis Has Bought MHS Going Global

confirmed. The Irish Field stated online that the Irish show jumper and Lee Kruger, owner of the horse, have confirmed the deal, which is worth millions. The 10-year-old Irish Sport Horse by Quidam Junior/Cavalier Royale and Broderick are one of the newcomer pairs of the last years. The pair with its double clear rounds at the Nations Cups of St. Gallen and Dublin was even advertised for the only place the Irish riders had at the Olympic Games in Rio. The pair’s last successful event was the Nations Cup final in Barcelona. Now the Greek show jumper Athina Onassis takes over the reigns of the talented horse. Responsible for the deal seems to be -once again- Jan Tops, who flew to Ireland with his wife Edwina Alexander in order to test the horse.
Greg Broderick did not want to comment on the price for the horse, but he said that MHS Going Global due to his successes is one of the five most expensive horses in the world. The sales amount is an estimated 10 to 12 million Euro – this would make it one of the most expensive show jumping horses ever.