Anna-Julia Kontio & Fardon

Anna-Julia Kontio to Work at J.S. Sportpferde

Some years ago Anna-Julia Kontio became known when she successfully competed at bigger events during her time at Thomas and Martin Fuchs’ stable. The Finnish rider and Fardon were part of the team at teh 2014 WEG in the Normandy. In October 2016 it became known that Kontio and Fuchs would go their separate ways. The 26-year-old rider decided to go back to her home country and take a break from riding. Now, however she is back and alreay has a new occupation. She will start working for Jochen Scherer at J.S Sportpferde in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany. “My focus is 100% on everything I do,” Kontio said “I’m looking forward to new horses and to riding again.” Kontio’s first event will be Arezzo in March.