v.r. Frank Kemperman, Marcel Philipp, Isabell Werth, Carl Meulenbergh, Michael Mronz und Maskottchen „Karli“

Aachen will also host the Deutsche-Bank-Preis of Dressage in the Year of the Eupean Championship

The Rolex Grand Prix of showjumping 2015 will take place at the last weekend of May close to the European Championship in Aachen, that was already known. But now, the speculation that at the same weekend the Deutsche-Bank-Preis – the Grand Prix of Aachen – will take place could be confirmed. So on May 30, and May 31, big sport in dressage and showjumping will take place in Aachen; in August during the European Championships even in five different disciplines. Over the last years, the dressage event in Aachen was sold out very quickly – next year, spectators will twice have the chance to experience the thrilling atmosphere in the Deutsche-Bank-Stadion. Tournament director Frank Kempermann was able to disclose at today’s press conference that the world’s best riders will also attend in May.